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Curriculum, Accounting Information Systems, Information Systems, Pedagogy


JISE has a lengthy history of inviting the submission of Teaching Tips for publication consideration in the journal. Past submission guidance for Teaching Tips has consisted of asking contributors to document the teaching experience and indicate what has worked, and not worked, in its execution within a journal page constraint of one to five pages. Over time, and with increased senior editor attention to the academic rigor of the journal, the editorial board and reviewers have exhibited more demanding expectations for the publication of Teaching Tips. Additionally, the kinds of Teaching Tips that are applicable to our information systems discipline have evolved into a recognizable set of characteristics that can be used to guide future authors of such articles. To encourage Teaching Tip submissions, the purpose of this article is threefold: (1) to provide potential authors with guidance for writing Teaching Tip manuscripts; (2) to provide reviewers and editors with advice for accepting manuscripts for publication; and (3) to contribute to the body-of-knowledge for the reflective practice of information systems education.

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Journal of Information Systems Education

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23(1), 11-18

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