Dimensions of ethical business cultures: comparing data from 13 countries of Europe, Asia, and the Americas


Center for Ethical Business Cultures

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ethical business culture; business ethics; HRD; cross-cultural HRD research


This paper reports the results of a survey-based study of perceptions of ethical business practices in 13 countries of Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Responses from more than 23,000 managers and employees were analyzed using multivariate analysis of variance and post-hoc comparisons, aimed at identifying homogenous sets of countries. Anglo countries (US, UK, Australia, and Canada) clustered together, and were joined by India in most cases. Japan and Italy formed a homogenous subset significantly different from all other countries. Countries of continental Europe, China, Mexico, and Brazil formed various mid-range groupings. The paper discusses some salient differences between groups of countries and resents implications for human resource development (HRD) practice and research.

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Human Resource Development International

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