Non-student submissions: We accept non-UST and non-student submission on a rolling basis. Please see the unsolicited submissions guidelines below for more information on the submissions process.

General Information

Although the majority of our articles are written by participants in our yearly symposia and lecture events, one of the goals of the Journal is to promote and publish student scholarship. We accept submissions on a rolling basis, and our Notes and Comments committee reviews submissions twice yearly. All students who submit manuscripts to the Journal will receive feedback, but we do encourage authors to take advantage of the various resources we provide, including training and information sessions intended to assist students in choosing a unique topic of study, in conducting effective research, and in understanding the technical and substantive aspects of legal scholarship. Our staff is also happy to assist students as they prepare their Journal submissions—inquiries may be directed to Notes and Comments Editor Lindsey Sharp at shar6756@stthomas.edu.


Student Note and Comment Submissions

The Journal is accepting UST student submissions for publication. In order to be considered for publication in the Journal, all note and comment submissions must be received by 5:00pm on the date corresponding with the issue deadlines below. Please review the submission guidelines set out below before submitting a manuscript for consideration by the Submissions Committee.

Fall Deadline: Lapsed
Spring Deadline: Lapsed
Summer Deadline: May 10th, 2012


Publication Requirements

Before submitting you article for publication, ensure that your have met the Journal’s writing guidelines as outlined in the Notes and Comments Checklist and Submission Evaluation Rubric.


Student submissions are reviewed anonymously by the Notes and Comments Committee twice each year: once during the fall semester and once during the spring semester. To be considered for publication you must remove your name, exam ID number, and any other identifying information from your article. Email your article along with your completed Notes and Comments Survey to Bethany Fletcher, at moel1755@stthomas.edu.


Research & Writing Resources

For students interested in learning more about publishing with the UST Law Journal, the particulars of UST's upper-level writing requirement, or about how to write a publishable law review article generally, we have made the following documents available for download:


Notes and Comments Committee Publication Guide.  A document that explains the process by which the Journal selects student pieces for publication and what the Journal looks for in publishable submissions. 

Understanding the Upper-Level Writing Requirement. A document that explains UST's current policies regarding the upper-level writing requirement and contains advice about how to approach it. 

Choosing a Research Paper Topic & Considerations for Publication.  A document put together by Debby Hackerson, one of our esteemed research librarians, that contains a wealth of information regarding academic legal writing. Topics covered include topic selection, preemption checking, and avoiding plagiarism. 

Unsolicited Article Publication

Although it is primarily a symposium-based journal, the University of St. Thomas Law Journal occasionally publishes articles submitted by independent authors from outside the Journal staff and the UST Law student body. In making a decision whether or not to publish a piece, the submissions committee weighs the quality of the writing, the novelty of the topic or the unique treatment of an established subject, and the timeliness of the subject matter analysis—whether based on a current event or consistent with a current Law Journal symposium or lecture event. Decisions to publish are also dependent on openings in the Law Journal’s publication schedule.

The law journal accepts submissions during the academic year between August 1st and March 31st. The submissions committee meets monthly to review submissions received during the previous month. Because of this schedule, it is not possible to rush review of a submission. Authors can expect the submissions committee to decide whether to publish within 6 to 8 weeks after their article is submitted.

Authors submitting an article must be either be pursuing or in possession of a J.D. degree. The University of St. Thomas Law Journal submission committee guidelines are for authors not affiliated with the school. UST-Law students should publish their article through the Note and Comment process described in the sections above.

Articles must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for publication:

  • Citations must conform to the latest edition of Bluebook;
  • Articles must include an abstract generally describing the topic of the article;
  • Articles should have at least 5,000 and no more than 15,000 words (not including footnotes);
  • Articles must be in final form, which generally means that there are few grammatical and syntactical errors and the organization and argument is well-revised and complete.

Articles that meet these requirements should be sent in PDF or Word format to lawreview@stthomas.edu. Upon receipt of your article, the Law Journal Submissions Editor will acknowledge that your article is pending review.