Submissions from 2009

Visual Experience in Late Ming Suzhou “Honorific” and “Famous Sites” Paintings, Elizabeth Kindall


Dreams of Home in Expanding Diasporas, Heather M. Shirey

Submissions from 2006

Theo van Doesburg: Italian Futurist?, Craig D. Eliason

The Development of Geometric Pictorial Narrative as Discourse, Mark D. Stansbury-O'Donnell

Vase Painting, Gender, and Social Identity in Archaic Athens, Mark D. Stansbury-O'Donnell

The Design and Construction of Saint John’s Abbey Church, 1953-1961, Victoria M. Young

Submissions from 2005


The Painting Program in the Stoa Poikile, Mark D. Stansbury-O'Donnell

Submissions from 2004


A Tangled Web: Swedish Immigrant Artists' Patronage Systems, 1880-1940, Mary Towley Swanson

Submissions from 2003

Monasticism and Modernity: St. John’s Abbey Church and Marcel Breuer, Victoria M. Young