Becoming Human: Dismantling Racism


Becoming Human: Dismantling Racism is rooted in the idea that the racial history people in the United States inherit is dehumanizing for all of us, though it is dehumanizing for white folks in different ways than it is dehumanizing for people of color.

The only way to “become human” is to confront the legacy of white supremacy, and to work to dismantle the structures that distribute advantages and disadvantages unequally on the basis of pigmentation in the skin. This work to dismantle racist structures will interrupt the cultural conditioning in white supremacy that has been able to perpetuate down through the centuries.

Becoming Human is authored and designed by Dr. Kimberly Vrudny.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Civil War to Civil Rights
Module 2: War on Drugs
Module 3: Mass Incarceration
Module 4: Radical Healing
Module 5: Overcoming the White Savior Complex
Module 6: Mobilizing for Change
Module 7: Understanding the Stages of Development

Course Format:

Online, self-guided

Course Length:

It will take approximately 10-12 hours to review all of the content and complete all of the learning activities.

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