Submissions from 2021


Mechanisms of Manganese(II) Oxidation by Filamentous Ascomycete Fungi Vary With Species and Time as a Function of Secretome Composition, Carolyn A. Zeiner

Submissions from 2019


Draft genome sequence of the caffeine-degrading methylotroph Methylorubrum populi Pinkel, Jayna L. Ditty


Hybrid two-component sensors for identification of bacterial chemoreceptor function. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Jayna L. Ditty


Chemotaxis of Pseudomonas putida F1 to alcohols is mediated by the carboxylic acid receptor McfP, Jayna L. Dity

Submissions from 2018


Multi-omic analyses of extensively decayed Pinus contorta reveal expression of diverse array of lignocellulose degrading enzymes, C Hori, J Gaskell, D Cullen, G Sabat, PE Stewart, K Lail, Y Peng, K Barry, IV Grigoriev, A Kohler, L Fauchery, F Martin, Carolyn A. Zeiner, and JM Bhatnagar

Chemotaxis to Atypical Chemoattractants by Soil Bacteria, Rebecca E. Parales and Jayna L. Ditty

Motility and Chemotaxis of Acidovorax, C. Rabinovitch-Deere, Jayna L. Ditty, and R. E. Parales

Submissions from 2017

Chemotaxis, Jayna L. Ditty

Protocols for the Measurement of Bacterial Chemotaxis to Hydrocarbons, Jayna L. Ditty

Substrate Transport, Jayna L. Ditty

Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals of Concern in Rivers: Occurrence and Biological Effects, Mark Ferrey, D Martinović-Weigelt, Will Backe, and April Andrews

Rehabilitation of shallow lakes: time to adjust expectations, MA Hanson, BR Herwig, KD Zimmer, and N Hansel-Welch

Exercise training reveals trade-offs between endurance performance and immune function, but does not affect growth, in juvenile lizards, JF Husak, J.C. Roy, and MB Lovern

By their own devices: invasive Argentine ants have shifted diet without clear aid from symbiotic microbes, Y Hu, D Holoway, P Lukasik, and L Chau

Pathways to Undergraduate Research Experiences: A Multi-institutional Study, Jill M. Manske and Jayna L. Ditty

Derivation and Evaluation of Putative Adverse Outcome Pathways for the Effects of Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors on Reproductive Processes in Female Fish, D Martinović-Weigelt, AC Mehinto, GT Ankley, and JP Berninger

Prior knowledge-based approach for associating contaminants with biological effects: A case study in the St. Croix River basin, MN, WI, USA, AL Schroeder, D Martinović-Weigelt, GT Ankley, and KE Lee


Distributions of fungal melanin across species and soils, CE Siletti, Carolyn A. Zeiner, and JM Bhatnagar


Quantitative iTRAQ-based secretome analysis reveals species-specific and temporal shifts in carbon utilization strategies among manganese(II)-oxidizing Ascomycete fungi, Carolyn A. Zeiner, SO Purvine, EM Zink, and L Paša-Tolic

Submissions from 2016

Metabolite profiles of repeatedly sampled urine from male fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) contain unique lipid signatures following exposure to anti-androgens, TW Collette, DM Skelton, JM Davis, and JE Cavallin

Observational field studies are not appropriate tests of consumer stoichiometric homeostasis, HM Halvorson and GE Small

Snowbird: Integrative Biology and Evolutionary Diversity in the Junco, JF Husak

Thermal adaptation and phosphorus shape thermal performance in an assemblage of rainforest ants, M Kaspari, NA Clay, J Lucas, and S Revsen

Loss of the trpc4 gene is associated with a selective reduction in cocaine reward and reduced spontaneous ventral tegmental area dopamine neuronal activity, WD Klipec, KC Rasmus, C O'Neill, and J Cao

Evidence for extensive but variable nutrient limitation in New Zealand lakes, AC Krist, AD Kay, E Scherber, and K Larkin

Nitrogen cycling in a freshwater estuary, LC Loken, GE Small, JC Finlay, and RW Sterner

The role of Medical Geology Curriculum in the context of new federal STEM priorities, JT McGuire

A study of temporal effects of the model anti-androgen flutamide on components of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis in adult fathead minnows, R Milsk, JE Cavallin, EJ Durhan, and KM Jensen

Integrating transgenic vector manipulation with clinical interventions to manage vector-borne diseases, KW Okamoto, F Gould, and AL Lloyd

The legacy of large regime shifts in shallow lakes, JM Ramstack Hobbs, WO Hobbs, MB Edlund, and N Hoidal

Phosphorus retention in a lowland neotropical stream following an eight-year phosphorus enrichment experiment, GE Small, M Ardón, JH Duff, and AP Jackman

Large differences in potential denitrification and sediment microbial communities across the Laurentian great lakes, GE Small, JC Finlay, RML McKay, and MJ Rozmarynowycz

Characterization of light-dependent regulation of state transitions in gymnosperms, AS Verhoeven, A Kertho, and M Nguyen

Environmental Photochemistry of Altrenogest: Photoisomerization to a Bioactive Product with Increased Environmental Persistence via Reversible Photohydration, KH Wammer, KC Anderson, PR Erickson, and S Kliegman

Generalized selection to overcome innate immunity selects for host breadth in an RNA virus, BR Wasik, Andrés R Muñoz-Rojas, KW Okamoto, and K Miller-Jensen


Comparative analysis of secretome profiles of manganese(II)-oxidizing Ascomycete fungi, Carolyn A. Zeiner, SO Purvine, EM Zink, and L Paša-Tolic

Rates of As and trace metal mobilization caused by Fe-reduction in mixed BTEX-ethanol experimental plumes, BA Ziegler, JT McGuire, and IM Cozzarelli

Invertebrates in permanent wetlands (long-hydroperiod marshes and shallow lakes, KD Zimmer, MA Hanson, and DA Wrubleski

Uniform carbon fluxes in shallow lakes in alternative stable states, KD Zimmer, WO Hobbs, LM Domine, and BR Herwig

Submissions from 2015

The importance of dissolved N:P ratios on mayfly (Baetis spp.) growth in high-nutrient detritus-based streams, CA Deans, ST Behmer, AD Kay, and N Voelz

Bacterial Chemotaxis to Xenobiotic Chemicals and Naturally-Occurring Analogs, Jayna L. Ditty

Integration of Chemotaxis, Transport, and Catabolism in Pseudomonas Putida and Identification of the Aromatic Acid Chemoreceptor PcaY, Jayna L. Ditty

Protocols for the Measurement of Bacterial Chemotaxis to Hydrocarbons, Jayna L. Ditty

Community correspondence among aquatic invertebrates, fish, and submerged aquatic plants in shallow lakes, MA Hanson, CA Buel, KD Zimmer, and BR Herwig

Integrative Organismal Biology, JF Husak

Measuring selection on physiology in the wild and manipulating phenotypes (in terrestrial non-human vertebrates), JF Husak

A performance-based approach to studying costs of reliable signals, JF Husak, J.P. Henningsen, B. Vanhooydonck, and D.J. Irschick

Making Olympic lizards: the effects of specialised exercise training on lizard performance, JF Husak, A.R. Keith, and B.N. Wittry

Techniques and technology to revise content delivery and model critical thinking in the neuroscience classroom, KR Illig

The Extracellular Protease stl Functions to Inhibit Migration of v’ch1 Sensory Neuron During Drosophila Embryogenesis, Afshan Ismat

Thermal adaptation generates a diversity of thermal limits in a rainforest ant community, M Kaspari, NA Clay, J Lucas, and SP Yanoviak

Is the island biogeography model a poor predictor of biodiversity patterns in shallow lakes?, LE Nobly, KD Zimmer, MA Hanson, and BR Herwig

Microevolutionary patterns in the common caiman predict macroevolutionary trends across extant crocodilians, KW Okamoto, RB Langerhans, R Rashid, and P Amarasekare

Plant species’ origin predicts dominance and response to nutrient enrichment and herbivores in global grasslands, EW Seabloom and AD Kay

Introduction to the symposium: towards a general framework for predicting animal movement speeds in nature, R.S. Wilson and JF Husak

Predicting the movement speeds of animals in natural environments, R.S. Wilson, JF Husak, C. Clemente, and L. Halsey

Submissions from 2014

Chemotaxis to Nicotinic Acid and Identification of the Methyl-Accepting Chemotaxis Protein in Pseudomonas Putida F1, Jayna L. Ditty

Protocol for the Measurement of Hydrocarbon Transport in Bacteria, Jayna L. Ditty


The cytosine chemoreceptor McpC in Pseudomonas putida F1 also detects nicotinic acid, Jayna L. Ditty

Phosphorus, fish biomass, and watersheds as drivers of phytoplankton abundance in shallow lakes, MW Gorman, KD Zimmer, BR Herwig, and MA Hanson

Persistence of clear-water, shallow-lake ecosystems: the role of protected areas and stable aquatic food webs, WO Hobbs, KM Theissen, SM Hagen, and CW Bruchu

An evolutionary perspective on conflict and compensation in physiological and functional traits, JF Husak and S.P. Lailvaux

Variation in steroid hormone levels among Caribbean Anolis lizards: endocrine system convergence?, JF Husak and M.B. Lovern

Does 'gliding while gravid' explain Rensch's rule in flying lizards?, JF Husak and J.A. McGuire

A carbohydrate-rich diet increases social immunity, AD Kay, AJ Bruning, A Van Alst, and TA Abrahamson

Response to phosphorus limitation varies among lake populations of the freshwater snail Potamopyrgus antipodarum, AC Krist, AD Kay, K Larkin, and M Neiman

The life-history of whole-organism performance, S.P. Lailvaux and JF Husack

Metabolomics for In Situ Environmental Monitoring of Surface Waters Impacted by Contaminants from Both Point and Non-point Sources, D Martinović-Weigelt, DR Ekman, D Martinović-Weigelt, and GT Ankley

Transcriptomic Effects-Based Monitoring for Endocrine Active Chemicals, D Martinović-Weigelt, AC Mehinto, GT Ankley, and ND Denslow

A continent-wide study reveals clear relationships between regional abiotic conditions and post-dispersal seed predation, JL Orrock, E Borer, LA Brudvig, and J Firn

Aphid honeydew provides a nutritionally balanced resource for incipient Argentine ant mutualists, JZ Shik, AD Clay, and J Silverman

Metabolism and the rise of fungus cultivation in ants, JZ Shik, J Santos, J Seal, and AD Kay

Sustained energy dissipation in winter evergreens, AS Verhoeven

Submissions from 2013

Manna from heaven: Refuse from an arboreal ant links aboveground and belowground processes in a lowland tropical forest, NA Clay, J Lucas, M Kaspar, and AD Kay

Integrating Grant-funded Research into the Undergraduate Biology Curriculum Using IMG-ACT, Jayna L. Ditty

Pseudomonas Putida F1 has Multiple Chemoreceptors with Overlapping Specificity for Organic Acids, Jayna L. Ditty

Taxis to Phenylacetic Acid by Pseudomonas Putida F1 is Mediated by the Energy Taxis Receptor Aer2, Jayna L. Ditty

Adolescent changes in dopamine D1 receptor expression in orbitofrontal cortex and piriform cortex accompany an associative learning deficit, AK Garske and CR Lawyer

Fish influences on amphibian presence and abundance in prairie and parkland landscapes of Minnesota, BR Herwig, LW Schroeder, KD Zimmer, and MA Hanson

Estimating modern carbon burial rates in lakes using a single sediment sample, WO Hobbs, DR Engstrom, SP Scottler, and KD Zimmer

Effects of ornamentation and phylogeny on wing shape evolution in stalk-eyed flies (Diopsidae), JF Husak, G. Riback, R.H. Baker, and G.S. Wilkinson

The Secreted AdamTS-A Metalloprotease is Required for Collective Cell Migration, Afshan Ismat

Environmental Estrogens in an Urban Aquatic Ecosystem: I. Spatial and Temporal Occurrence of Estrogenic Activity in Effluent-Dominated Systems, D Martinović-Weigelt, D Minarik, EM Curran, and JS Marchuk

Can resource costs of polyploidy provide an advantage to sex?, M Neiman, AD Kay, and A Krist

Sensitivity to nutrient limitation increases with ploidy level in asexual lineages of a New Zealand snail (Potamopyrgus antipodarum), M Neiman, AD Kay, and A Krist

Phosphorus, Food, and Our Future, SH Risken and GE Small

Predicting invasion in grassland ecosystems: is exotic dominance the real embarrassment of richness?, EW Seabloom and AD Kay

Rates and controls of nitrification in a large oligotrophic lake., GE Small, GS Bullerjahn, RW Sterner, and BFN Beall

Correlated biogeographic variation of magnesium across trophic levels in a terrestrial food chain, X Sun, AD Kay, H Kang, and GE Small


Fungal oxidative dissolution of the Mn(II)-bearing mineral rhodochrosite and the role of metabolites in manganese oxide formation, Y Tang, Carolyn A. Zeiner, CM Santelli, and CM Hansel

Recovery kinetics of photochemical efficiency in winter stressed conifers: the effects of growth light environment, extent of the season and species, AS Verhoeven

Submissions from 2012

Uncertainty in dual permeability model parameters for structured soils, B Arora, BP Mohanty, and JT McGuire

Chemotaxis to Furan Compounds by Furan-Degrading Pseudomonas Strains, Jayna L. Ditty

Variation in Testosterone and Corticosterone in Amphibians and Reptiles: Relationships with Latitude, Elevation, and Breeding Season Length, C. Eikenaar, JF Husack, C. Escallon, and IT Moore

Constraints-based stoichiometric analysis of hypoxic stress on steroidogenesis in fathead minnows, Pimephales promelas, D Hala, LH Petersen, D Martinović-Weigelt, and DB Huggett


Mn(II) oxidation by an Ascomycete fungus is linked to superoxide production during asexual reproduction, CM Hansel, Carolyn A. Zeiner, CM Santelli, and SM Webb

Comparing effects of lake- and watershed-scale influences on communities of aquatic invertebrates in shallow lakes, MA Hanson, BR Herwig, KD Zimmer, and J Fieberg

Brain Aromatase and Territorial Aggression Across the Seasons in Male Song Sparrow, Sarah A. Heimovics

Rapid and Widespread Effects of 17?-Estradiol on Intracellular Signaling in the Male Songbird Brain: a Seasonal Comparison, Sarah A. Heimovics

A 200-year perspective on alternative stable state theory and lake management from a biomanipulated shallow lake, WO Hobbs, JMR Hobbs, T LaFrancois, and KD Zimmer