Critical Pedagogy



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Doctor of Education in Critical Pedagogy (Ed.D.)

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Eleni Roulis

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Jeanette Hoffman

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Margo Lloyd


The ultimate purpose of this dissertation is to explore social change, as characterized by critical pedagogy, within Ethiopian Gossa (in English tribes). Critical pedagogy, as a discipline, is vociferous against oppression of any form. The mechanism it uses to accomplish social change is adult education. Adult education within the framework of critical pedagogy is dialogical in nature and grounded in the daily lives of human beings. The fact of its nature being dialogical is, empowering and brings critical consciousness into being.

Critical pedagogy is said to be empowering in the sense that it affirms, confirms, and upholds the truth and validity of one’s experience as a springboard into the dialogue. This is where individuals take charge of their own experience and assert them. This dissertation is about the dialogue of Ethiopians who are asserting their experiences and the lives they have lived, or are living. Their views on ethnicity/tribe/Gossa are reflective of their experiences and social knowledge.

The dialogical aspect of critical pedagogy is where critical consciousness is brought into being. In this dialogical aspect, there is the give and take of ideas, concepts, beliefs, arguments and counterarguments. Consequently, this is where people change their minds about their views or just maintain the status quo.

In this researcher’s view, Vladimir Lenin’s doctrine of self-determination was the foundation for the current problems of ethnic strife within Ethiopia. A study of Russian history, revolving around this doctrine, is made to demonstrate its inapplicability to effective government in Ethiopia. Furthermore, a rigorous philosophical examination of the notion of ethnicity or Gossa is made to pave the way for social change.

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