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Doctor of Education in Leadership (Ed.D.)

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Eleni Roulis, Patricia Connolly, Artika Tyner



This study examines the cultural impacts experienced through the exchange of emails in workplace. The impetus of my inquiry was to search beyond the structure and meaning of emails shared in workplace. This study aims to unpack and examine the efforts, intentions, and strategies present amongst senders and receivers of emails in a variety of workplace environments. The framework of this study was largely driven by a qualitative approach with case studies. This research investigates the phenomenological experiences revealed through interviews. The diverse group of interviewees comprised of seven participants, five males and two females, span multiple professional backgrounds including public and private schools, regional businesses, and for-profit national and international enterprises. This study reveals the complexities often inherent in interpersonal communications, and several themes across the interview participants created new levels of awareness to benefit people as they navigate their own communications within the constructs of the email experience. The amount of effort people invest in various email activities, primarily as senders, serves as the beacon for this project. The results of the project indicate that within the construct of email exchanges between people that go beyond the content of the email, there are considerations and intentions such as emotions, alliances, politics, and taxonomies that are not always evident within the content of the email. The data from this study also indicates that the energy and time people devote to writing and reading emails may be grossly misunderstood today.


Digital, business email, real time experience, re-imagined

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