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Doctor of Education in Leadership (Ed.D.)

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David Jamieson, Bhabani Misra, Chientzu Candace Chou


Abstract The purpose of this dissertation was to understand the experiences of the faculty members during the accreditation process, and the outcomes they have seen in the Early Childhood program at the College of Education at Princess Nourah University (PNU). The research questions developed for achieving the aim of the study were: What are the experiences of faculty members during the program accreditation process, and what outcomes do they see in Saudi Arabian higher education? The methodology of this study was a qualitative case study, which highlighted the faculty experiences and outcomes of accreditation. The Early Childhood program in PNU was selected for this study, because of its accessibility, and its current state in the accreditation process—having just initiated the process itself. The participants who were interviewed included 12 female faculty members who had an active involvement in the accreditation process in this program at PNU. Data collection in this study consisted of using various methods, namely including document analysis, observation, and semi-structured interviews. Proper comprehension of the impact of the accreditation processes in Saudi universities demands a combination of theories based mainly on institutional isomorphism and institutional entrepreneurship theories. The findings of this study describe the issues and challenges in adopting the accreditation process in the faculties and their impacts on quality learning. Therefore, these findings infer that faculty members should be consulted and trained before any of these accreditation processes are implemented. However, by adopting accreditation, and enrolling more higher education institutions in accreditation processes, Saudi Arabia can curb many of the criticisms it currently faces with regards to its academic standards and quality of education.


Quality education in Saudi, faculty in Saudi, Saudi Higher Education, Accreditation in Saudi, program accreditation in Saudi, education in Saudi Arabia

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