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Doctor of Education in Leadership (Ed.D.)

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Aura Wharton-Beck

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Chien-Tzu Candace Chou

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Jayne K. Sommers


The purpose of this study was to understand recruitment and retainment challenges districts faced pre-COVID-19 and changes or additional challenges faced post-COVID-19. Through this study, human resources administrators and teaching and learning administrators were interviewed in pairs and discussed challenges their district has faced related to recruitment and retainment of teachers pre-COVID-19 and post-COVID-19. Further, the participant pairs described strategies their districts are using to recruit and retain teachers. A qualitative case study approach was used to identify themes and sub-themes discussing recruitment and retention strategies and challenges pre-COVID-19 and post-COVID-19. The consistent themes which emerged from the analysis included: teacher candidate characteristics, recruitment strategies, factors for mobility, and factors and strategies for retention. Within these areas, additional subthemes emerged. Using qualitative methodology and analytical theory, I found alignment between participant responses and theory. By using the theoretical framework provided by Bolman and Deal (2017), I further analyzed reasons teachers are leaving the profession, impacts their departure has and strategies for retainment of teachers. The four frames outlined by Bolman and Deal (2017) are depicted in quadrants: the structural frame, the human resources frame, the political frame and the symbolic frame. In addition to the framework provided by Bolman and Deal, Bandura offers a theory on self-efficacy that complements and adds additional insight to the themes and subthemes. The impact of recruitment and retainment challenges school districts face has an impact on the workforce and will impact student learning if not addressed. This study gives school districts specific strategies to intentionally recruit and retain teachers in impactful ways.

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