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Doctor of Education in Leadership (Ed.D.)

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Donald LaMagdeleine; David Peterson; David Rigoni


This case study investigated the experiences of teachers in an urban, Midwestern high school. Specifically, student teachers, novice teachers (1-3 years of experience), and veteran teachers (4+ years of experience) reflected on the perceptions of their own classroom management. The data for this study included classroom observations, field notes, and personal communication with 25 participants. The uniqueness of this study compared to other published research stems from my dual role as both researcher and teacher at the case site.

The data informed a grounded theory of how teachers perceived their own experiences throughout the various stages of teaching. The central theoretical premises of this analysis relied

Goffman’s dramaturgy and moral career, van Gennep and Turner’s rites of passage, and Dreyfus’ skill acquisition model. Analysis of the data identified classroom management issues as a significant stressor in a teacher’s career. The presence of a formal building mentor helped alleviate a negative perception of self. Although the mentor was found to be essential in the early stages of teachers’ careers, veteran teachers also indicated a need for support and guidance.


Teacher's perceptions of their classroom management

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