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Kate Boyle


Globalization can take many forms. In the case of a technology start-up firm operating across cultures, it could be said that its world is fundamentally global. More properly stated, E-commerce Start-up (ECS) operates within a global high-tech network and thus finds itself to be competing within (and outside of) a highly interconnected system of data, commerce, and emerging economies as a service provider to some of the United States’ most recognized brands. This interconnectivity serves as a central fact for the IT firms and its risk management efforts. Beyond the obvious exposure to global risks, how does operating across cultures affect risk management and risk leadership practices within ECS? The evolutionary story of ECS, from launch to acquisition, and the analysis of four scenarios presented in this case provide insights into the challenges facing operating organizations and the risk leadership capabilities needed to recover from internal and external threats.


Enterprise Risk Management, Risk Leaders/Leadership, Contagion Risk, Technology, E-Commerce, Digital Disruption, SAAS, India, Start-up

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