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Doctor of Education in Organization Development (Ed.D.)

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John Conbere; James Brown; Alla Heorhiadi


The researcher developed a tentative theory regarding the development of cultural competence through online training. The theory was tested and revised, using a positivistic case study methodology put forth by Yin (2003) and the theory building model of Dubin (1969). This study reviewed the effects of an online cultural competence training program on the awareness, knowledge, and skill of 10 nurses and five physicians. The study also considered the impact of this training on the quality of care delivered to culturally diverse patients. The study’s hypotheses were that the training would positively affect awareness, knowledge, and skill and that these changes would positively impact the quality of patient care.

The theory proposed by the researcher was supported by the findings. Additional factors relevant to the development of cultural competence but not incorporated in the proposed theory were reported.


cultural competency training, diversity education, online learning

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