Organization Development

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Doctor of Education in Organization Development (Ed.D.)

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Alla Heorhiadi; John Conbere; Eleni Roulis


Creation of learning organizations is a topic of increased interest to Organizational Development practitioners. Previous research has established that creating and sustaining a learning organization may be achieved by fostering a double-loop learning process among its employees. A double-loop learning process, in turn, requires employees to become both self-reflective and capable of critically examining assumptions underlying their behavior. Among other techniques, the discipline of Energetics is understood to help in participants’ double-loop learning. However, this understanding thus far lacks an empirical examination. The present study is conducted to fill this gap. Conducted as a positivistic case study, this study explored the following research question: How application of skills and concepts learned from the discipline of Energetics fosters double-loop learning? Data were collected through interviewing 16 graduates of the Energetics Institute. Data supported the posited theory that Energetics led to double loop learning.


energetics, double-loop learning, single-loop learning, organizational learning, critical reflection, self-as-instrument

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