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Doctor of Education in Organization Development (Ed.D.)

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John Conbere; Alla Heorhiadi; Pat Stankovitch


Homelessness is a serious national issue. It carriers a significant cost to our society in terms of both current financial expenditure, and perhaps a much greater cost, the loss of human potential. Related research has provided many quality indications on how to assist this population, but little interpretive work has been conducted to truly understand the experience of serving and supporting the homeless in a manner which helps them achieve housing and life stability.

This case study seeks to understand how one particular non-profit organization in Minneapolis, Sharing and Caring Hands, seeks to serve and heal this disenfranchised population. This case study included thirty-eight in-depth, as well as significant record reviews and time spent observing the operations at Sharing and Caring Hands.

This case study includes a number of unique findings. The interpretive nature of the study allowed for the findings to present themselves over an eighteen month period. Paramount among the findings is that Environment is a critical factor in creating a healing experience, self-determination and self-efficacy are critical to a person’s ability to improve their station in life. The most important finding was that the presence of unconditional love is also a significant ingredient to the growth and development of this disenfranchised population.

The implications for this study on future research are numerous. The study would prompt a natural longitudinal study to further examine the longevity of the healing nature of the experience at Sharing and Caring Hands. A positive study at Sharing and Caring Hands would also be valuable in that it would enable a review of a more expansive group of individuals. Finally, study is warranted to further examine how the financing mechanism involved in supporting a non-profit also impacts the service paradigm and service offering.


love, belief, non-profit, poor, homeless, care

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