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Alla Heorhiadi; John Conbere; Eleni Roulis


Students who graduated from the Energetics Institute at the University of St. Thomas indicated that they experienced transformational learning as a result of taking energetics courses, but they were unable to specify or articulate the essence and a deeper meaning of this experience. The purpose of this study was to understand and describe the essence of their transformational learning, using a phenomenological research methodology. Seven energetic students were interviewed in depth about their transformational experience.

The findings of the study showed that participants were transformed as they learned to: (a) liberate themselves from a victimhood mentality and take responsibility for their own happiness; (b) re-discover their purpose in life as they listened to and learned from an interconnected universe; and (c) trust their inner voice.

The transformational learning experienced by participants was enabled by several factors, including: trust in the instructor, innate curiosity about energetics and willingness to stretch their mind, an experiential learning method and feelings of joy during the learning process.


authenticity, intuitive intelligence, energetics, transformative learning, self as instrument, mindfulness

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