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Doctor of Education in Organization Development (Ed.D.)

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Alla Heorhiadi; John Conbere; Melanie Sullivan


Physician recruitment and retention in rural hospitals had been a long-standing problem in the United States. Without adequate physician support in rural communities, healthcare for the people who live in the communities suffers; therefore, this researcher developed his theory and examined whether the key factors to recruit and retain physicians to critical access hospitals (CAHs) in rural Wisconsin would be supported through multiple case study. The researcher believed that the 10 key factors in physician recruitment and retention in CAHs are (a) having enough meaningful work for the physician, (b) having access to larger hospitals while practicing in rural health-care facilities, (c) having a reasonable call schedule, (d) competitive salary and benefit package, (e) positive impact from the recruitment process, (f) exposure to rural communities while growing up, (g) having opportunities for spousal employment and/or spousal satisfaction with the community, (h) community engagement and a sense of belonging, (i) having good schools and recreation opportunities, and (j) exposure to CAHs either during residency programs or medical school are key to the recruitment and retention process of physicians who work in CAHs. This study used the positivistic case study methodology to test his theory. The researcher interviewed 12 physicians from a variety of CAHs in Wisconsin. While the findings supported the researcher’s theory that the key factors contribute to the recruitment and retention of physicians in CAHs in Wisconsin, additional replications of this study may be necessary to have a theoretical generalization.


rural hospital, physician recruitment and retention, doctor key factors for recruitment

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