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Doctor of Education in Organization Development (Ed.D.)

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John Conbere

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Alla Heorhiadi

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James Brown


How do negative workplace conflicts and home life intertwine? What happens when negative workplace conflict affects an employee’s home life? This was an interpretive multicase study seeking to understand how negative workplace conflict experienced by workers intertwines with their home lives. Study participants experienced negative impacts to their home lives that affected their well-being and the well-being of their families. Participants were individually interviewed and asked to discuss a negative workplace conflict that they experienced within the last year. We then discussed the impacts of that negative workplace conflict on them and on their home lives. To gain further insight into the effects of the negative workplace conflict, the spouse/significant other of each main participant was also interviewed. In total, the study consisted of five single cases made up of two people, the main participant and spouse/significant other, resulting in a total of 10 interviews. Each of the five cases revealed interesting insight to the personal experience of each participant in the phenomenon of negative workplace conflict. Analysis was conducted on the effects of negative workplace conflict on the participant and the effect the participants experience had on family (effect on family). Analysis across cases revealed four major effects and four major themes. The major effects on participant were stress, anxiety, change in behavior, and loss of self-esteem. The effects on family due to the participant’s negative workplace conflict were identified as major themes. The four major themes were loneliness, communication breakdown, resentment, and relationship disappointment. With a great deal of literature and research surrounding workplace conflict, this study examined the experiences of the individuals who experience workplace conflict and how it intertwines with their home lives.

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