Organization Development



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Doctor of Education in Organization Development (Ed.D.)

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John Conbere

Second Advisor

Alla Heorhiadi

Third Advisor

Robert Randall


This phenomenological study examined the lived experience of people who deliberately and consciously used subtle energies in group facilitation. Participants were those who had completed energetics courses and earned certification in Energetics and Organization Development from the University of St. Thomas. In addition, the participants selected for this study also had experience in applying subtle energies in their work with groups of people. In-depth interviews were conducted and analyzed to find themes that showed the meaning of the experience for people who used subtle energies in their group facilitation. Through this study, three essential themes emerged: (a) Overcoming fears that prevented full engagement with the client, (b) Sharing responsibility for interactions, outcomes and relationships, and (c) Becoming "real-self" during facilitation. Through these themes, I was able to show the meanings of this lived experience and how they are important to the practice of facilitation and the use of subtle energies.

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