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Doctor of Education in Organization Development (Ed.D.)

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John Conbere

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Alla Heorhiadi

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Robert Randall


There is a lack of information in the field of change management and Organization Development about the experience of a leader who led a socio-economic (SEAM) intervention within one’s organization. The structured process, rigor, and dedication needed to execute a SEAM intervention is critical to a successful outcome within an organization. The leader plays a key role in the success of a SEAM intervention. The purpose of this research was to close the knowledge gap by understanding and describing the experience that leaders had when leading a SEAM intervention at their respective organizations using a phenomenological research methodology. Seven leaders in the United States and France were interviewed in depth about their experience with SEAM interventions that they managed within their companies.

The results of this research illustrated that the leaders experienced a deeper sense of purpose and self-confidence, leading to personal transformation and recognition of human potential within the organization. This was demonstrated in the three essential themes that captured the essence of the shared experience: (a) self-perception challenged as a leader; (b) feeling liberated as a leader; and (c) transformation as a leader. The enablers of this experience were highlighted in the three main contextual themes that emerged from the participant stories, including: (a) learning about SEAM during the “courting” process, (b) executing process and tools, and (c) receiving support and coaching from SEAM consultants.

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