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Doctor of Education in Organization Development (Ed.D.)

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Robert Barnett, David Jamieson, William Brendel


This quantitative, quasi-experimental study of 44 undergraduate

entrepreneurship students employed a pre-post comparison group design to

examine whether music-based interventions could impact the Big Five

personality factors of Openness to Experience and its aspects of Intellect and

Openness, and Conscientiousness and its aspects of Industriousness and

Orderliness as well as Creative Self-Efficacy. The study further examined how

participants in the experimental group processed and made sense of their

experiences in the music-based interventions across three perspectives: Adult

Learning, Constructive Developmental, and Creativity theory.

Openness to Experiences, Conscientiousness, and Creative Self-Efficacy

were chosen as variables due to their relationship to creativity and creative

output. Music was selected as the basis of the interventions based on the

demonstrated clinical and evidence-based connection of music and personality,

as well as its use in clinical contexts.

The findings revealed a significant decrease in the Industriousness aspect

of Conscientiousness in the experimental group. In the control group, they

revealed a significant increase in the Orderliness aspect of Conscientiousness.

Neither Openness to Experiences and its aspects, nor Creative-Self Efficacy

were affected with any significance by the music-making interventions. Though

overall satisfaction with the music-making experiences was high, there was no

evidence that participants in the experimental group thought differentially about

the experience, or processed the experiences discretely from the Constructive

Developmental, Adult Learning, or Creativity perspectives. Findings provide

evidence that music-based interventions have the potential to impact certain

aspects of personality.


openness to experience and music, conscientiousness and music, music interventions and creativity, creative self-efficacy and music

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