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Doctor of Education in Organization Development (Ed.D.)

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David Jamieson, Jean Davidson, Mark Salisbury


This mixed methods research study sought to measure Use of Self-competency in undergraduate students at a single university in Minnesota. First, the researcher developed the Use of Self Questionnaire (Use of Self Questionnaire) to measure an individual’s Use of Self-competency. Second, quantitative data was collected via Use of Self Questionnaire from 563 respondents and qualitative data was obtained via five individual interviews. Quantitative results and qualitative findings evidence a relatively high level of Use of Self-competency among the undergraduate population studied; high Use of Self-Competency theoretically leads to increased proficiency in soft skills, specifically interpersonal communication. Based on this study’s specific population, additional potential determinants of higher levels of Use of Self-competency include gender, experiential learning outside the classroom, and at-home care during one’s early childhood development.


use of self, soft skills, applied skills, undergraduate education, interpersonal skills

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