Organization Development


Fall 12-9-2019

Degree Name

Doctor of Education in Organization Development (Ed.D.)

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David Jamieson

Second Advisor

Jean Davidson

Third Advisor

Mo Fahnestock


This research study determined how a facilitated Use of Self development workshop series impacts a group of police officers, from their perspective as well as from the perspective of individuals from their immediate workgroup, colleagues or family members. The researcher received approval from three municipal law enforcement agencies in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota and recruited participants from these three agencies to partake in a workshop series aimed to develop the participants Use of Self. The workshop series included four full day sessions, at least one week apart. The workshops heavily relied on experiential learning and required the participants to apply the learning to events in their lives, using the “Use of Self Cycle for Reflection”, a model developed by the researcher to allow the participants to better understand what the individual is contributing to the event and be their best self in the future. Based on this research, police officers can benefit from participating in a Use of Self development workshop series.

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