Organization Development


Summer 7-6-2021

Degree Name

Doctor of Education in Organization Development (Ed.D.)

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David Jamieson

Second Advisor

Mark Salisbury

Third Advisor

Bill Brendel


This qualitative research study primarily explored the lived experiences of police officers and community members at Crystal, Minnesota. The primary purpose was to evaluate and assess the role of the Joint Community-Police Partnership (JCPP) program in the effective building of communication, understanding of cultures, and mutual trust between law enforcement officers and multi-cultural communities. The researcher conducted the study on a wide range of participants from different cultural backgrounds who work, live, worship, or study in Crystal. The research question focused on how police officers and citizens perceive the impact of JCPP strategies in enhancing communication, understanding cultures, and mutual trust. The data collected used a combination of convenience and a purposive sample of eight police officers and ten residents/community members who participated in a qualitative survey and virtual (zoom) interviews. Data were inductively coded and subjected to thematic analysis. Key findings revealed police officers and community members believe JCPP strategies have increased police visibility, improved the level of engagement in a meaningful dialogue, and created awareness of cultures between police and residents. In addition, it has improved community trust and public support with crime, safety, transparency, and accountability. Also, findings revealed that participants believe JCPP has achieved removing barriers to community collaboration with law enforcement. Finally, the participants proposed developing a strategy or goal in the JCPP program to focus on community representation. Meaning participants would like to see more community members are getting represented, which they believe can increase the level of trust between police officers and community members. The results of this study contribute to a positive social change by offering practical strategies for stakeholders in Crystal, Minnesota, to foster collaborative relationships between police officers and community members.

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