Organization Development

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Fall 10-29-2021

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Doctor of Education in Organization Development (Ed.D.)

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David Jamieson, Rama Hart, Stephen Brookfield, Lonnie Bunch III


This research study sought to better understand the lived experience of People of Color (POC) professionals that work in the museum field. While museums have increased the emphasis diversity, equity, access, and inclusion (DEAI), I have personally experienced marginalization stemming from the operational norms, values, and attitudes that are prevalent in the museum field. Moreover, colleagues in my network that identify as POC have experienced similar phenomenon. The goal of this study is to develop a theory of these professional’s experiences and to create a better understanding of how museums can address oppressive practices to create more inclusive and equitable spaces. This study relied on personal interviews with POC museum professionals that agreed to share their experiences and perceptions of the ideology of museums. I then draw on principles of critical theory and organizational development to present a theory that addresses the misalignment between the museum fields desired inclusion of POC museum professionals and the harmful experience caused by the current ideology accepted in museums.


critical self reflection, transformative learning, inclusive museum, diversity, equity, inclusion, organizational justice, critical theory, critical race theory, whiteness, white normativity

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