Organization Development


Summer 6-22-2022

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Doctor of Education in Organization Development (Ed.D.)

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David Jamieson

Second Advisor

Patricia Conde-Brooks

Third Advisor

Mahmoud Alaish


The business environment in Saudi Arabia has undergone dramatic changes in recent years due to the country’s entrance into the World Trade Organization, the entry of women into the workforce, and the institution of the Vision 2030 initiative to diversify the economy and reduce its dependence on oil. While a need exists to update business practices to compete with multinational technology companies, traditionalism and religious beliefs can impede these changes. This dissertation investigates obstacles to change management in Saudi organizations through a case study of the Saudi Telecommunications Company, one of the nation’s largest such organizations. The study was conducted through semi structured interviews with senior (executives and managers) and junior employees as well as observation and document analysis. The results showed some similarities between senior and junior employees’ responses; both groups showed an accurate understanding of the Vision 2030 goals and believe they will be fulfilled, and both have generally positive views of the company and its methods of managing change, while also perceiving that it has some weaknesses, such as its large size leading to lack of flexibility. Some senior employees noted employees’ resistance to change as a problem they had faced in instituting change. In general, junior employees were more reticent in discussing problems with the company, but some stated that changes will need to be made in the future to incorporate employees who are not Saudi natives. The case study identified communication issues, gender, culture, and natural resistance to change as key obstacle, and emphasize that to overcome them, leaders must communicate effectively, involve staff in changes, listen to their perspective, pace large changes appropriately, and take culture into account.

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