Psychology, Professional



Degree Name

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)

Type of Paper/Work

Doctoral Project


Len L. Jennings

Second Advisor

Christopher S. Vye


This original contribution to practice explores the significance of suicidality as a serious mental health problem for college students and highlights the importance of increasing awareness, providing education, and promoting suicide prevention efforts on college campuses. An extensive literature review examines research on college student suicide, suicidal ideation and behaviors, stigma related to college student suicidality, suicide risk and protective factors, importance of outreach programming of suicide prevention on college campuses, resources for students struggling with suicide, ethical considerations, and a thorough examination of diversity factors related to college student suicidality. Information provided in this literature review forms the foundation for an original contribution to practice in the form of an outreach manual designed to assist university counseling staff psychologists in promoting outreach suicide prevention on college campuses.

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