Psychology, Professional

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Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)

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Len Jennings, PhD, LP; Christopher Vye, PhD, LP


Individuals who enter into ministry are met with many diverse demands and expectations. One of the more noteworthy expectations is to effectively lead a congregation and support the mission of the church. A comprehensive review of the literature identified long-standing concern regarding ministers’ leadership capacities and their ability to efficiently take on administrative responsibilities. As a result, early career ministers making the transition from seminary into pastoral ministry is significant, especially given the substantial transformation from independent, driven student to collaborative, inspiring leader. To successfully support these individuals in making the passage into ministerial leadership positions a group coaching model was developed. The focus of the group coaching model is to create and facilitate awareness of system dynamics and ministerial leadership capabilities critical to early career ministers’ efficacy. In addition, the group coaching model explicitly distinguishes the key ministerial leadership competencies vital for ministry based on their support and recognition by researchers and professional authors in the literature.


Ministerial leadership, early career ministers, ministry expectations, group coaching, pastoral leadership development

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