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Master of Arts in Art History (M.A.)

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Victoria Young

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Elizabeth Kindall

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Craig Eliason


As a former member of the Berlin Dadaists, Hannah Höch was deemed a degenerate artist by the Nazi Party during World War II. Instead of fleeing her home country of Germany, she chose to stay and hide within the garden and home she cultivated for herself in the small town of Heiligensee. Her photomontages Light Sails (1943-46) and Dream Night (1943-46) were created during this chaotic time and are a reflection of the context of her life and her garden. It is these three components of life, garden, and art that work together to sustain Höch during this time. In order to understand their interrelationship, this work employs landscape architect and theorist Kenneth Helphand’s qualities of sanctuary, life, and protection as found in his book Defiant Gardens: Making Gardens in Wartime.

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