Getting Work Right: Labor and Leisure in a Fragmented World


Catholic Studies



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Business ethics, Catholic Church, Capitalism, Culture conflict, Religious aspects


If we don't get Sunday right, we won't get Monday--or any day of the workweek--right. The divided life is a temptation so built into our society, we may not even recognize it. Yet most of us fall prey to it. We either undervalue work, resenting it as simply a job, or we overvalue it as an identity-defining career. Michael Naughton, drawing on his background in both business and theology, proposes that the key to finding balance is another important human activity: leisure. In light of leisure--not mere amusement, but time for family, silence, prayer, and above all, worship--work becomes a space where men and women can find deep fulfilment. Naughton provides real-world examples of how businesses can promote authentic human flourishment and innovation through practices and policies that support leisure. In Getting Work Right Michael Naughton will change how you work--and rest.

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Naughton, M. J. (2019). Getting work right: labor and leisure in a fragmented world. Emmaus Road Publishing.

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