The Ethics of Reality TV: A Philosophical Examination


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media ethics, reality TV, entertainment


Reality television is flourishing, both in number of new shows and in its ability to continually entice new audiences. The scholarship on reality TV is beginning to catch up, but one of the most enduring questions about the genre - Is it ethical? - has yet to be addressed in any systematic and comprehensive way.

Through investigating issues ranging from deception and privacy breaches to community building and democratization of TV, The Ethics of Reality TV explores the ways in which reality TV may both benefit and harm society. This collection features the work of leading scholars in the field of media ethics and provides a comprehensive assessment of key issues surrounding the genre.

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The Ethics of Reality TV: A Philosophical Examination

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Wyatt, W. and K. Bunton (Eds.). (2012). The Ethics of Reality TV: A Philosophical Examination. New York and London: Continuum Books.

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