Economics Faculty Publications


Submissions from 2018

Calculating the Contribution of Sleep Problems to Undergraduates' Academic Success, Monica Hartmann

Strict Duality and Overlapping Productivity Distributions between Formal and Informal Firms, Tyler C. Schipper

The Impact of Sri Lanka's School-Based Management Program on Teachers' Pedagogical Practices and Student Learning: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial, Suzanne L.W. Wisniewski

What Education Policies and Programs Affect Learning and Time in School in Developing Countries?, Suzanne L.W. Wisniewski

Submissions from 2017

A Firm Entry Approach to Religious Pluralism and Religious Participation, Michael W. Walrath

Child Obesity Among the Poor in Peru: Are there Implications for Cognitive Outcomes?, Suzanne L.W. Wisniewski

Submissions from 2016

Food Security and Teenage Labor Supply, Matthew Kim

Entry Models Applied to Churches: Could Protestants use a Catholic Bishop to Solve Excess Entry?, Michael W. Walrath

Alternate Education for Rural Development in Peru: Evaluation of the Effect of CRFA Schools on Retention, Suzanne L.W. Wisniewski

Education in Developing Countries: What Policies and Programs Affect Learning and Time in School? A Review of Academic and aid Agency Evaluations from 1990-2014, Suzanne L.W. Wisniewski

Submissions from 2015

Migrant Responses to Adverse Household Shocks: Do Family Relationship and Types of Shocks Matter?, Suzanne L.W. Wisniewski

Submissions from 2014

An Assessment of the Impacts of Sri Lanka's Programme for School Improvement and School Report Card Programme on Students' Academic Progress, Suzanne L.W. Wisniewski

Emerging Market Currency Exposure: Taiwan, Hong Wu

Submissions from 2013

Are Charitable Giving and Religious Attendance Complements or Substitutes? The Role of Measurement Error, Matthew Kim

Participation and Crowd Out: Assessing the Effects of Parental Medicaid Expansions, Matthew Kim

The Impact of School Quality and Child Health on Academic Performance in Sri Lanka Primary Schools, Suzanne L.W. Wisniewski

Submissions from 2011

Case Use in Economics Instruction, Monica Hartmann

Hyperinflation: What can Zimbabwe teach us?, Monica Hartmann

An Impact Evaluation of Sri Lanka's Policies to Promote the Academic Performance of Primary School Students through School Improvement and Report Card Programs, Suzanne L.W. Wisniewski

The Value and Size Effect—Are There Firm-Specific-Risks in China’s Domestic Stock Markets?, Hong Wu

Volatility of Macro Fundamentals Across Exchange Rate Regimes: a Theoretical Exploration, Hong Wu

Submissions from 2010

Judicial Discretion and Sentencing Behavior: Did the Feeney Amendment Reign in District Judges?, Monica Hartmann

Early Decision and Financial Aid Competition Among Need-Blind Schools and Universities, Matthew Kim

Child Nutrition, Health Problems and School Achievement in Sri Lanka, Suzanne L.W. Wisniewski

Submissions from 2009

Annual Miles Drive Used Car Prices, Monica Hartmann

Are Lemons Really Hot Potatoes, Monica Hartmann

Vertical Integration of Successive Monopolists: A Classroom Experiment, Monica Hartmann

Submissions from 2008

International Asset Pricing Models: A Forecasting Evaluation, Hong Wu

Submissions from 2007

New Carrier Entry and Airport Substitution by Travelers: Why Do We Have to Drive to Fly, Monica Hartmann

Submissions from 2006

Access to Airport Facilities: Its Impact on Market Competition, Monica Hartmann

Submissions from 2005

Effects of Foreign Intellectual Property Rights on U.S. Bilateral Exports of Biotechnology Related to Agricultural Inputs, Suzanne L.W. Wisniewski