Psychology for Sustainability


Earth, Environment, and Society



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citizen participation, environmental protection, environmental psychology, environmental responsibility, psychological aspects


Psychology for Sustainability applies psychological science to so-called environmental problems that manifest when human behavior disrupts and degrades natural systems. Drawing on environmental psychology, ecopsychology, conservation psychology, and related disciplines, the authors provide an extensive review of relevant theory and research in a lively and easy-to-read style. This edition represents a substantial revision and expansion spurred by a burgeoning body of research and by global ecological, political, and social developments. Particular attention is paid to environmental justice and collective action for systems change. More than one-third of the content is entirely new, and there are more than nine hundred new references. This edition also features a new full-color design and over two hundred full-color figures, tables, and photos. Timely topics include climate change, biodiversity loss, environmental racism, Indigenous perspectives, social media, and COVID-19 and other pandemics. Content retained from the previous edition has been updated throughout.

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Scott, B.A., Amel, E.L., Koger, S.M., and Manning, C.M. (2021). Psychology for Sustainability (Fifth edition.). Taylor & Francis Group.

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