Submissions from 2020

George Eliot and the Market for Poetry in the 1830s, Alexis Easley

The Rise of the Popular Woman Writer: Insights from the W. & R. Chambers’s Archive, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2019

The Re-printing of the Brontës’ Poetry in Victorian Newspapers and Periodicals, 1846–1850, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2018

"A Thousand Tit-bits": George Eliot and the New Journalism, Alexis Easley

Going Viral: Cheap Newspapers, Scrapbooks, and the Construction of Women's Poetic Celebrity, 1830–50, Alexis Easley

The New Woman as Social Observer: Catherine L. Pirkis’s Experiences of Loveday Brooke, Lady Detective (1893) in the Context of the Ludgate Monthly, Alexis Easley

The Shape of Water: Periodicals Research Now, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2017

Surplus Population and the Value of Money in Patnaik’s A Theory of Imperialism, Kanishka Chowdhury

What’s Going On: Imperialism in the 21st Century, Kanishka Chowdhury

Engaging with the Materiality of the Press: Scraps and Scrapbooks in Victorian Culture, Alexis Easley

Narrating the Self: Scrapbook as Graphic Novel, Alexis Easley

Periodical Collaborations: Past, Present, and Future, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2016

Imperialism and the Racial Other, Kanishka Chowdhury

Rosa Luxemburg Reads the Present Crisis, Kanishka Chowdhury

Constructing the Mass-Market Woman Reader and Writer: Scrapbooking and Popular Weekly Newspapers in the 1830s and ’40s, Alexis Easley

Eliza Lynn Linton’s Newly Attributed Contributions to All the Year Round, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2015

Naturalizing Transnational Exploitation, Kanishka Chowdhury

Racism, Exploitation, and the Credit Mechanism of Contemporary Capitalism, Kanishka Chowdhury

The Victorian Press: New Feminist Critical Strategies, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2014

Narratives of Enrichment, Kanishka Chowdhury

Rights Talk and the Accumulation of Wealth, Kanishka Chowdhury

Transformative Justice and the Transactional Moment, Kanishka Chowdhury

How to Submit Your Work to a Scholarly Journal, Alexis Easley

Press Networks and Transatlantic Celebrity: Eliza Cook and Charlotte Cushman, 1845–54, Alexis Easley

Researching Gender Issues and the Periodical Press: Eliza Cook, Charlotte Cushman, and the Construction of Transatlantic Celebrity, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2013

Justice, Dialectics, and the Discourse of Rights, Kanishka Chowdhury

New Media/Technologies of the Self: Cosmetics and the Illustrated Press of the 1890s, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2012

In Our Midst: W. T. Stead, Imperialist Feminism, and the Review of Reviews, Alexis Easley

Publishing Your Research on Victorian Periodicals, Alexis Easley

Self–Reflexivity and the Late Victorian Periodical Press: The Strand Magazine and The Review of Reviews, Alexis Easley

The Man of Letters as Criminal: Sir Gilbert Campbell and Henry Labouchere’s Truth, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2011

"All [Her] Melancholic Sounds": the Poetics of Felicia Hemans, Young-ok An

Creating Distances: Felicia Hemans's Flight into the Foreign, Young-ok An

Curiosity Beyond Morbidity: Hemans and Landon Raising the Dead, Young-ok An

Romanticism and the Tyranny of Distance, Young-ok An

Spanish Minervans in Byron and Hemans, Young-ok An

Living Dolls: Women at Play in the Strand, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2010

The Female Body and the Drinking Cup, Young-ok An

Approximating the Material Text: Facsimiles of Handwriting in the Strand, Alexis Easley

The Art of Theatrical Adaptation: George Henry Lewes’s Wanted: A She-Wolf, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2009

Byron Unmanned, Young-ok An

Rethinking The Post-modern Prince through Reading Mary Shelley’s Critique of The Prince in Valperga, Young-ok An

The Historicity of Byron’s Promethean Agon, Young-ok An

Submissions from 2008

The Charmed Cup of Fame: Letitia Elizabeth Landon and Felicia Hemans, Young-ok An

Transnational, Trans-historical Imagination in Mary Shelley’s Valperga: Question of Language of Romance within History, Young-ok An

The Celebrity Cause: Octavia Hill, Virtual Landscapes, and the Periodical Press, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2007

The Female Body and the Wine Cup in William Blake, Young-ok An

Interdisciplinarity Now: Richard Stein, Alexis Easley

Literary Gossip: Women and Celebrity News at the Fin de Siècle, Alexis Easley

Literary Gossip: Women and Celebrity News at the Fin de Siècle, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2006

Yesterday’s Woman, Yesterday’s Man: Representations of the Authorial Body in the British Medical Journal, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2005

Rooms of the Past: Victorian Women Writers, Historic Preservation and the Reconstruction of Domestic Space, Alexis Easley

The Politics of Domesticity: Periodicals, Tourism, and the Reconstruction of Carlyle’s House, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2004

Literary Tourism, Gender, and the Haunting of Victorian London, Alexis Easley

The Virtual City: Literary Tourism and the Construction of "Dickensland", Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2003

Literary Tourism and the Victorian Periodical Press, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2002

Crossing Boundaries, Annihilating Identities: Thinking Post-Identity, Young-ok An

Christian Johnstone, Tait’s Edinburgh Magazine and the Origins of British Feminism, Alexis Easley

The Woman of Letters at Home: Harriet Martineau and the Literary Tour, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2001

Harriet Martineau and Popular Print Culture, Alexis Easley

Working-class Poetry and Shifting Definitions of Masculinity, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 2000

Christian Johnstone and Tait’s Edinburgh Magazine, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 1999

Fame as Guilty Pleasure in Women’s Writing, Young-ok An

Constructing a National Literature of Reform: Tait’s Edinburgh Magazine, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 1998

Retaliatory Strategies: Harriet Martineau and the Quarterly Review, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 1997

Gendered Observations: Harriet Martineau and the Woman Question, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 1996

(En)Gendering the Pre-Raphaelites: A Feminist Reading of The Germ, Alexis Easley

Performing Gender: Oscar Wilde's Woman’s World, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 1995

Authorship, Gender and Power: Harriet Martineau and the Periodical Press, Alexis Easley

Voices in the City: The Victorian Periodical Press and Urban Culture in the 1840s, Alexis Easley

Submissions from 1994

Rape, Patricide and Execution: A Play on Violence, Young-ok An

Submissions from 1990

Blake and the Negative Dialectics of Enlightenment, Young-ok An

Construction of Femininity: A Political Reading of Psychoanalytic Feminism, Young-ok An

History, Textuality, and Blake: A Feminist Critique, Young-ok An

On Oroonoko's Ideological Formation: Reading Oroonoko from a Feminist, Third-worldist Perspective, Young-ok An

Theorizing the Ends of Feminism and Politicizing Feminist Theories, Young-ok An