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Devan Tozzo




Spring 2019

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Master of Arts in English (M.A.)

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Dr. Martin Warren, Dr. Laura Zebuhr, Dr. Larry Swain


The dawn of the Digital Age has and will continue to change how we approach education. With the widespread availability of new tools and resources at our disposal, it is time to begin exploring these new digital frontiers through the lens of writing studies. Unlike former studies which primarily focused on incorporating text-based social media, this study incorporates Twitch and Discord into a weekly student-lead study group. This study group was developed with the intention to fill a much-needed hole in Twitch’s platform: education. After reviewing attendance and participation statistics, results suggest that if appropriately structured, Twitch and Discord are viable options to increase self-directed learning. Moreover, as Twitch is a public platform, it would cast a wider demographic net than simply those physically in the classroom. Results showed participants sharing their works, tutoring one another, and using the practices role-modelled during Study Group streams in their own communities. Limitations discovered include lack of internet access, digital illiteracy, lack of real face-to-face interaction, and insufficient incentives.


Twitch, tutoring, pedagogy

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