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Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies is developing laser-based technologies for stand-off 2D+3D face imaging for biometric identification. Among other potential industrial, commercial, and governmental users, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Defense (DoD) desire the ability to capture biometric data from minimally cooperative subjects with a minimally invasive system at stand-off distances. The initial applications are fixed installations for relatively large volume access points such as security check points and transportation gateways for which minimal cooperation, stand-off operation, and real-time operation are desired so that the biometric identification process will have little impact on traffic flow. Last year we presented a paper on the development and testing of a 2D+3D face imager breadboard based on the

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Proc. MSS Active E-O Systems

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B. Redman, J. Novotny, T. Grow, V. Rudd, N. Woody, M. Hinckley, P. McCumber, N. Rogers, M. Hoening, K. Kubala, S. Shald, R. Uberna, T. D’Alberto, T. Höft, R. Sibell, and F. W. Wheeler (2010). 2D+3D face imaging for biometric identification using Fourier transform profilometry - Update. Proc. MSS Active E-O Systems (preprint).

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