Creating and Implementing a Capstone Course for Future Secondary Mathematics Teachers





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capstone course, secondary mathematics, mathematics teacher educators


The Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences [CBMS] recommends a capstone experience for future teachers of secondary mathematics. This paper describes the development and implementation of such a capstone course for undergraduates which involves study, discussion, and presentation of mathematics topics directly related to secondary mathematics as recommended by the CBMS. The course also meets licensure requirements set forth by the Minnesota Board of Teaching. We discuss standards and recommendations which influenced the creation of the course, as well as course goals and components. We also share our successes, failures, preservice teachers' reactions, and proposed changes in the course.

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The Work of Mathematics Teacher Educators: Continuing the Conversation, Monograph Series Volume 3

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Loe, M., & Rezak, H. (2006). Creating and implementing a capstone course for future secondary mathematics teachers. In K.Lynch-Davis & R.L. Rider (Eds.) The work of mathematics teacher educators: Continuing the conversation, Monograph Series Volume 3 (pp. 45-62). San Diego, CA: AMTE.

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