Mechanism of zinc transfer in molten slag





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zinc transfer, molten slag


The mechanism and dynamics of zinc transfer in molten slag are discussed. Studies were made of the kinetics of zinc voltailization from slags made by smelting copper-zinc ore to a white matte, and the kinetics of copper, nickel and cobalt extraction from slags formed during the conversion of copper-nickel ore to rich mattes. The important points in the present report concern the following experimentally established kinetic laws of slag stripping: a) the concentrations of dissolved metals and sulfur in the reducing and melting zones of the furnace coincide throughout the entire process (established by chemical and X-ray microprobe analyses); b) in both reduction methods of slag reduction, conditions are found in which the rate of zinc volatilization is independent of the amount present in the slag, over the range 10-12 down to 0. 5-1%; c) at zinc concentrations below 0. 5-1%, the volatilization rate under these conditions becomes possible to the residual zinc content of the slags.

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Russian Metallurgy (Metally)

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Shvartsman, M.M. & Shabalina, R.I. & Kukoev, V.A. (1986). Mechanism of zinc transfer in molten slag. Russian Metallurgy, 2, 8-13.

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