Submissions from 2021


“Which Side Are You On?” Folk Tune Quotation and Protest in Western Art Music, Vanessa Cornett


Performance Anxiety Experiences and Coping Techniques of Turkish Music Students and Their Teachers, Vanessa Cornett and Gülbahar Urhan

Teacher Resource Guide: Concerto for Wind Orchestra, Matthew George


Equity in Music Education: Programming and Equity in Ensembles: Students’ Perceptions, Douglas C. Orzolek

Submissions from 2020

Mental and Emotional Well-Being in the Time of COVID-19, Vanessa Cornett

Physical Health and Wellness Considerations for Online Teaching, Vanessa Cornett


Equity in Music Education: Cultural appropriation Versus Cultural Appreciation - Understanding the Difference, Karen Howard

Knowledge Practices: Changing Perceptions and Pedagogies in Choral Music Education, Karen Howard


Traditional Japanese Music in Contemporary Times, Karen Howard


Music Analysis and Accessibility in the Music Theory Classroom, Shersten Johnson

A Framework for Evaluating Music Teacher Evaluation Criteria, Douglas C. Orzolek


Effective and Engaged Followership: Assessing Student Participation in Ensembles, Douglas C. Orzolek

Student Response to the Wind Band Music of Underrepresented Composers, Douglas C. Orzolek

Flexible, Adaptive, Resilient: Findings From the Brass Bodies Study on the Distinctive Physicality of Female Brass Musicians, Sarah Schmalenberger

Submissions from 2019

A Bulletproof Interview with Noa Kageyama, Vanessa Cornett


Performing Rhythms of the Brazilian Bateria, Karen Howard


Female Brass Musicians Address Gender Parity, Gender Equity, and Sexual Harassment: A Preliminary Report on Data from the Brass Bodies Study, Sarah Schmalenberger and Patricia Maddox