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performance anxiety, stage fright, stress, Turkey, Turkish music students



This study investigated the music performance anxiety experiences of musicians in Turkey (N = 270), including their physical and cognitive symptoms of anxiety, their methods of coping with performance stress, and their perceived need for related resources. Analysis of the data revealed statistically significant differences in gender, with female music students reporting more frequent performance anxiety symptoms than male students. Reported physical and cognitive symptoms varied across age groups. The anxiety management solutions mentioned most frequently among students included increasing practice and self-motivation; other solutions included engaging in informal performances, practicing meditation or breathing exercises, or relying on medication or alcohol. Almost a quarter (23.5%) of students surveyed indicated they do not know how to manage their anxiety or have not found a workable solution. When asked what additional resources were needed, a third of music students and half of the music teachers surveyed indicated a desire for greater psychological support in the music schools. Others expressed interest in new courses on performance psychology, working with an expert in the field, participating in more required performance events, and having wider access to books and printed resources.

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International Journal of Music Education

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Cornett, V., & Urhan, G. (2021). Performance anxiety experiences and coping techniques of Turkish music students and their teachers. International Journal of Music Education, 39(4), 504-519.

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