Submissions from 2019

Sense Perception and the Flourishing of the Human Person in von Hildebrand and the Aristotelian Traditions, Mark Spencer

Submissions from 2018

Beauty, First and Last of All the Transcendentals: Givenness and Aesthetic, Spiritual Perception in Thomism and Jean-Luc Marion, Mark Spencer

Perceiving the Image of God in the Whole Human Person, Mark Spencer

Submissions from 2017

The Flexibility of Divine Simplicity: Aquinas, Scotus, Palamas, Mark Spencer

Circling to Scientia: Reading Descartes in Light of the Debate Between Stoic Dogmatists and Academic Skeptics, Joshua Stuchlik

The Closeness Problem for Double Effect: A Reply to Nelkin and Rickless, Joshua Stuchlik

Submissions from 2016

Compossibility and the Unity of the Will in Leibniz, Thomas Feeney

Christologically Inspired, Empirically Motivated Hylomorphism, Mark Spencer

Divine Causality and Created Freedom: A Thomistic Personalist View, Mark Spencer

Quantum Randomness, Hylomorphism, and Classical Theism, Mark Spencer

The Phenomenology and Metaphysics of Spiritual Perception: A Thomistic Framework, Mark Spencer

Submissions from 2015

Activity, Identity, and God: A Tension in Aquinas and His Interpreters, Mark Spencer

The Category of Habitus: Artifacts, Accidents, and Human Nature, Mark Spencer

Epistemological Disjunctivism and Easy Knowledge, Joshua Stuchlik

Submissions from 2014

The Dalai Lama's Dialogues, Stephen J. Laumakis

Habits, Potencies, and Obedience: Experiential Evidence for Thomistic Hylomorphism, Mark Spencer

The Personhood of the Separated Soul, Mark Spencer

Submissions from 2013

The Philosophical Context of Gotama's Thought, Stephen J. Laumakis

The Argument from Wholes: A Classical Hindu Design Argument for the Existence of God, Sandra L. Menssen and John D. Kronen

From Volitionalism to the Dual Aspect Theory of Action, Joshua Stuchlik

Submissions from 2012

The Indeterminacy Thesis and the Normativity of Practical Reason, R. Mary Hayden Lemmons

Hylomorphism and Design: A Reconsideration of Aquinas's 5th Way, Sandra L. Menssen and John D. Kronen


The Five Ways., Timothy J. Pawl


The five Ways., Timothy J. Pawl


Traditional Christian Theism And Truthmaker Maximalism., Timothy J. Pawl


Transubstantiation, Tropes and Truthmakers, Timothy J. Pawl


Causation., Michael W. Rota

A Critique of Scanlon on Double Effect, Joshua Stuchlik

Submissions from 2011

Edith Stein and Fides et Ratio, Catherine Jack Deavel

Ultimate Normative Foundations: The Case for Personalist Natural Law and Global Jurisprudence, R. Mary Hayden Lemmons

Eastern and Western Contributions to "Contemplative Science", Stephen J. Laumakis


Abortion and Virtue Ethics, Mathew Lu

Felicitology: Neurath’s Naturalization of Ethics, Joshua Stuchlik

Rethinking Virtue Ethics, Michael J. Winter

Submissions from 2010

Choosing Love: The Redemption of Severus Snape, Catherine Jack Deavel

Thomas Aquinas and Knowledge of Material Objects: Proper Objects of Cognition, Catherine Jack Deavel

John Duns Scotus on God’s Knowledge of Sins: A test case for God’s knowledge of contingents, Gloria Frost

Thomas Aquinas on perpetual truth of essential propositions, Gloria Frost

Can a libertarian hold that our free acts are caused by God, W. Matthews Grant

Compassion and the Personalism of American Jurisprudence: Bioethical Entailments, R. Mary Hayden Lemmons

Does Suffering Defeat Eudaimonic Practical Reasoning?, R. Mary Hayden Lemmons


The Visitor, Stephen J. Heaney

Finding the (Fair) Way with Confucius and Ben Hogan, Stephen J. Laumakis

Plato and Confucius on the Form of Golf: From the Ideal to the Real, Stephen J. Laumakis

The Defensibility of Zoroastrian Dualism, Sandra L. Menssen and John D. Kronen

Revelation and Miracles, Sandra L. Menssen and Thomas D. Sullivan


The Possibility Principle And The Truthmakers For Modal Truths, Timothy J. Pawl

A Problem for Hasker: freedom with respect to the present, hard facts, and theological incompatibilism, Michael W. Rota


The eternity solution to the problem of human freedom and divine foreknowledge., Michael W. Rota

A Reexamination of the Hylomorphic Theory of Death, Mark Spencer

The Logical Structure of Just War Theory, Christopher H. Toner

Virtue Ethics and the Nature and Forms of Egoism, Christopher H. Toner

Submissions from 2009

Aquinas on how God causes the act of sin without causing the sin itself, W. Matthews Grant

Terrorism, Defensive Torture and the Crisis in International Rights Law, R. Mary Hayden Lemmons

The Philosophy and Psychology of "Contemplative Science": The Problems and Possibilities for an Emerging East-West Connection, Stephen J. Laumakis


Divine Immutability., Timothy J. Pawl


Saint Thomas Aquinas, Timothy J. Pawl


Incompatibilism, Sin, And Free Will In Heaven, Timothy J. Pawl and Kevin Timpe

An Anti-reductionist Account of Singular Causation, Michael W. Rota

Buddhist Epistemology: The Study of Pramana, Jonathan E. Stolz

Who Do We Think We Are?, Michael J. Winter

Submissions from 2008

Clark's In the Deep Midwinter and Hansen's Atticus: Examples of a Two-fold Literature of Life, Catherine Jack Deavel

Are we obliged to feed PVS patients until natural death?, Michael J. Degnan

Anselm, God, and the Act of Sin: Interpretive Difficulties, W. Matthews Grant


Protecting Conscience in Health Care: A Road Not Traveled., Stephen J. Heaney

An Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy, Stephen J. Laumakis

The Sensus Communis Reconsidered, Stephen J. Laumakis

The Insufficiency of Any Secular Case for Absolute Human Rights, and the Resources of Divine Revelation: The Suicide Argument, Sandra L. Menssen and Thomas D. Sullivan


Evolution, providence, and Gouldian contingency, Michael W. Rota

Concepts, Intention, and Identity in Tibetan Philosophy of Language, Jonathan E. Stolz

Catastrophe and Eucatastrophe: Russell and Tolkien on the True Form of Fiction, Christopher H. Toner

Sorts of Naturalism: Requirements for a Successful Theory, Christopher H. Toner

Submissions from 2007

Descartes' Theory of Ideas, David Clemenson

Relational Evil, Relational Good: Thomas Aquinas and Process Thought, Catherine Jack Deavel

Must a Cause be Really Related to its Effects?: The Analogy between Divine and Libertarian Agent Causality, W. Matthews Grant


How Should Catholics Vote? Bringing Moral Principles to Life, Stephen J. Heaney

The Agnostic Inquirer: Revelation from a Philosophical Standpoint, Sandra L. Menssen

Full Human Flourishing: The Place of the Various Virtues in the Quest for Happiness in Aristotle’s Ethics, Mark Spencer

Gettier and Factivity in Indo-Tibetan Epistemology, Jonathan E. Stolz

Just Cause and Proper Authority in the Just War Tradition: from Salamanca to Königsberg . . . and Back?, Christopher H. Toner

Was Aquinas an Egoist?, Christopher H. Toner

What are the Prospects for Armchair Ethics?, Michael J. Winter

Submissions from 2006


Potential Being and the Source of Cosmic Order, Gary M. Atkinson

Knowing When to Be Afraid: Rationality and Suspense, Catherine Jack Deavel

Thomas Aquinas on Truths about Nonbeings, Gloria Frost

Juridical Prudence and the Toleration of Evil: Aquinas and John Paul II, R. Mary Hayden Lemmons

Sakya Pandita and the Status of Concepts, Jonathan E. Stolz

Aristotelian Well-Being: A Response to L.W. Sumner's Critique, Christopher H. Toner

Military Service as a Practice: Integrating the Sword and Shield Approaches to Military Ethics, Christopher H. Toner

Pascal's First Wager Reconsidered: A Virtue Theoretic View, Christopher H. Toner

The Self-Centredness Objection to Virtue Ethics, Christopher H. Toner

Victoria's Integral Realism: Proportionality, Totality, and the Realism/Liberalism Dichotomy, Christopher H. Toner

Virtue Theory and Social Psychology, Michael J. Winter

Submissions from 2005

Tolerance, Society, and the First Amendment: Reconsiderations, R. Mary Hayden Lemmons

Re-Constructing Philosophical Arguments: Getting a Grip on Thomistic Straw Men, Stephen J. Laumakis

Multiple Universes and the Fine-tuning Argument: A Response to Rodney Holder, Michael W. Rota

Angelic Sin in Aquinas and Scotus and the Genesis of Some Central Objections to Contemporary Virtue Ethics, Christopher H. Toner

Just War and the Supreme Emergency Exemption, Christopher H. Toner

Submissions from 2004

A Skewed Image: Harry Potter and the Nature of Evil, Catherine Jack Deavel

Aquinas, Divine Simplicity, and Divine Freedom, W. Matthews Grant