Submissions from 2018

Using the Finite-Difference Approximation and Hamiltonians to solve 1D Quantum Mechanics Problems, Marie Lopez del Puerto

A Matlab User-Interface Tool for Modeling Herds, Paul R. Ohmann and Adam S. Green

Submissions from 2015

Simple and Synergistic Ways to Understand the Boltzmann Distribution Function, Marie Lopez del Puerto

Submissions from 2010

Polarization Imaging and Insect Vision, Adam S. Green and Paul R. Ohmann

Creating a First Year Problem Solving and Programming Course for Engineers and Scientists, Jeff Jalkio and Marty E. Johnston

Submissions from 2009

A Simple, Inexpensive Photoelastic Modulator, Adam S. Green

Submissions from 2008

Infusing Computation throughout the Undergraduate Curriculum, Paul R. Ohmann, Adam S. Green, and Marty E. Johnston