Berlin Political Crises, Street Art and Graffiti from 1945 to 2019


Justice and Society Studies



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Book Chapter


sexual coercion, sexual victimization


Whether aesthetically or politically inspired, graffiti is among the oldest forms of expression in human history, one that becomes especially significant during periods of social and political upheaval. With a particular focus on the demographic, ecological, and economic crises of today, this volume provides a wide-ranging exploration of urban space and visual protest. Assembling case studies that cover topics such as gentrification in Cyprus, the convulsions of post-independence East Timor, and opposition to Donald Trump in the American capital, it reveals the diverse ways in which street artists challenge existing social orders and reimagine urban landscapes.

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Dobratz, Betty A. and Lisa K. Waldner. 2021. “Berlin Political Crises, Street Art and Graffiti from 1945 to 2019.” pp. 175-200 in Political Graffiti in Critical Times: The Aesthetics of Street Politics edited by R. Campos, A. Pavoni, and Y. Zaimakis. New York: Berghahn.

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