Submissions from 2021


A Comparison of Multinomial Likelihood and Chi-Square Approaches to Statistical Population Reconstruction, Sergey S. Berg and Laura Palmer


University Housing Reinforces the Negative Relationship between Interpersonal Violence, Psychological Distress, and Suicidality in Undergraduates, Particularly among Gender Diverse Students, Abigail T. Heller, Sergey S. Berg, and J. Roxanne Prichard


A Many-Analysts Approach to the Relation Between Religiosity and Well-being, Suzanne Hoogeveen, Alexandra Sarafoglou, Balazs Aczel, Yonathan Aditya, Alexandra J. Alayan, Peter J. Allen, Sacha Altay, Shilaan Alzahawi, Yulmaida Amir, and Amelia McNamara


Likelihood-Based Inference for Generalized Linear Mixed Models: Inference with the R Package glmm, Christina Knudson, Sydney Benson, Charles Geyer, and Galin Jones


Causes and Timing of Recurring Subarctic Pacific Hypoxia, Karla Knudson, Ana Ravelo, Ivano Aiello, Christina Knudson, Michelle Drake, and Tatsuhiko Sakamoto


Same Data, Different Conclusions: Radical Dispersion in Empirical Results When Independent Analysts Operationalize and Test the Same Hypothesis, Martin Schweinsberg, Michael Feldman, Nicola Staub, Olmo R. van den Akker, Robbie C.M. van Aert, Marcel A.L.M. van Assen, Yang Liu, Tim Althoff, Jeffrey Heer, and Amelia McNamara

Submissions from 2020


Copula Models of Economic Capital for Life Insurance Companies, Sydney Benson, Regina Burroughs, Vladimir Ladyzhets, Jessica Mohr, Arkady Shemyakin, David Walczak, and Huan Zhang


Sleep Quality Mediates the Relationship between Traumatic Events, Psychological Distress, and Suicidality in College Undergraduates, Sergey Berg, Parker S. Rosenau, and J. Roxanne Prichard

The Role of Local Cavity Tree Density in the Selection of Den Sites by Female Fishers (Pekania pennanti) in Northern Minnesota, Sergey S. Berg


Empirical Comparison of Skewed t-copula Models for Insurance and Financial Data, Liwei Huang and Arkady Shemyakin

Submissions from 2019

Principle Component Analysis of a National Sample of Undergraduate Post-Secondary Students with Adhd Reveals Significant Well-Being and Quality of Life Concerns Unaddressed by Current Treatment, Sergey S. Berg

Submissions from 2018

Infectious Disease in Wild Animal Populations: Examining Transmission and Control with Mathematical Models, Sergey S. Berg

Submissions from 2017

Native Insect Herbivory Overwhelms Context Dependence to Limit Complex Invasion Dynamics of Exotic Weeds, Sergey S. Berg

Utility of Radio-Telemetry Data for Improving Statistical Population Reconstruction, Sergey S. Berg

Submissions from 2016

Seroepidemiology of Toxoplasmosis in Rural and Urban Communities from Los Rios Region, Chile, Sergey S. Berg

Submissions from 2015

The Package ‘Sigloc’ for the R Software: A Tool for Triangulating Transmitter Locations in Ground-Based Telemetry Studies of Wildlife Populations, Sergey S. Berg

Submissions from 2014

Household Characteristics Associated with Rodent Presence and Leptospira Infection in Rural and Urban Communities from Southern Chile, Sergey S. Berg

Submissions from 2013

Correcting Juvenile Mortality Rates of Asocial Animals with Prolonged Periods of Maternal Dependence in Demographic Modeling, Sergey S. Berg

Submissions from 2012

Potential Use of Population Viability Analysis in Assessing Invasive Species Control, Sergey S. Berg

Using Demographically Stochastic Modeling to Study the Effects of Cub Survival on Amur Leopard Population Trends, Sergey S. Berg