Black Theology





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Black Theology should be understood against the backdrop of the centuries-long struggle of black people to resist white supremacy and systemic anti-black racist oppression. From the beginning, black people countered arguments for their enslavement and inferiority with different interpretations of scripture and different understandings of God, insisting on God’s affirmation of blackness and on the history of God’s liberating activity on the behalf of the oppressed. Racial discrimination toward black people did not end after the legal abolition of the institution of slavery in the United States. Black Theology as a discipline developed in the wake of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements. Womanist Theology is arguably the most important theological development that has emerged in the wake of the debates within Black Theology. Womanist Theology emerged in critical relation to both Black Theology and White feminist theology.

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The Christian Theological Tradition, 4th ed.

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Siggelkow, Ry O. “Black Theology.” In The Christian Theological Tradition, 581–586. 4th ed. Routledge, 2020.

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