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During the latter half of the twentieth century, feminist theology developed in many religious traditions, including Christianity. This theology recognizes that normative and authoritative theology has been done primarily, if not exclusively, by men. Women have still experienced God and reflected on the meaning of that experience, but for the most part they have been denied the right to make public and authoritative theological statements. Given the diversity of women’s experiences, feminist theology is rich and multifaceted; indeed, it would be more accurate to speak of feminist theologies. Feminist theologians and biblical scholars bring this understanding of sin and salvation to their study of the bible. Christian feminists are not only concerned about the roles of women in the church but the nature of the church itself. Many seek to redefine the church by stressing relationships of mutuality and partnership over relationships of hierarchy and dominance.

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The Christian Theological Tradition, 4th ed.

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Jordon, Sherry E. “Feminist Theology.” In The Christian Theological Tradition, 587–591. 4th ed. Routledge, 2020.

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