Religion, Ethics, and AIDS





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The close of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty-first centuries were marked by perhaps one of the greatest humanitarian tragedies in recorded human history. At the time of this writing, well over 25 million people globally have died from AIDS and more than 33 million men, women, and children are currently living with an HIV infection. The direct effects of HIV/AIDS on families and communities continue to be felt by millions around the globe, often disproportionately among the poor and marginalized. So why is the next generation learning so little about HIV/AIDS? In this chapter, Kimberly Vrudny provides readers with a foundation for understanding why HIV is concentrated in the poorest regions of the world, as well as religious foundations for responding to HIV/AIDS as an issue of social justice.

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Religious and Ethical Perspectives for the Twenty-First Century

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Vrudny, Kimberly. "Religion, Ethics, and AIDS." In Religious and Ethical Perspectives for the Twenty-First Century, 112-139, 2013.

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