Reflective Supervision and its Impact on Early Childhood Intervention


Special Education

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early intervention, youth with disabilities, reflective supervision, professional development


This chapter charts the recent evolution of research focused on reflective supervision provided to practitioners delivering services to young children and their families through early intervention programs. The authors explore research focused on defining reflective supervision, identifying five essential elements or “active ingredients” of reflective supervision as a professional development model and demonstrating the impact on practitioners. The impact studies described in this chapter have produced empirical data demonstrating an increase in reflective supervision behaviors as a result of participation. In addition, the studies provide qualitative accounts of practitioners’ experiences, conveying positive effects on intervention practice and reduction of practitioner job stress.

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Early Childhood and Special Education (Advances in Early Education and Day Care, Vol. 18)

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Watson, C., Neilsen Gatti, S., Cox, M., Harrison, M., & Hennes, J. (2014). Reflective supervision and its impact on early childhood intervention. In E. Nwokah & J. A. Sutterby (Eds.), Early childhood and special education (Advances in early education and day care, Vol. 18, pp. 1-26). Emerald. https://doi.org/10.1108/S0270-402120140000018001