Planning Instruction and Monitoring Student Performance


Special Education

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youth with disabilities, emotional behavioral disorders, student performance, instruction


Academic outcomes for students with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) are poor. Unfortunately, insufficient attention is paid in research and textbooks to academic difficulties and students with EBD. The purpose of this special issue is to review research-based strategies and interventions for teaching children and youth with EBD. In the previous articles in this issue, authors have addressed areas such as coteaching, teaching study skills, teaching mathematics, and teaching reading. In addition to understanding and being able to implement research-based academic interventions, however, teachers also need to know how to systematically plan and evaluate their instruction. In this article, the authors examine how teachers can plan their instruction and how they can monitor their students' progress.

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Beyond Behavior

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Yell, M. L., Busch, T. W., & Rogers, D. C. (2008). Planning instruction and monitoring student performance. Beyond Behavior, 17(2), 31-38.

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