Strategies and Challenges in iPad Initiative: Lessons Learned from Year Two


Teacher Education

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iPad, strategies, mobile learning, challenges, engagement


This study examines the impact of iPad integration on teaching and learning activities in a large school district in Midwest United States. The iPad cart initiative was conceived to provide equitable digital learning access among schools in the district and innovate learning activities. Forty social studies classrooms received iPad carts to engage students in learning. Teachers received professional development opportunities in the forms of workshops, conferences, one-to-one coaching, and online communities. The findings showed positive impact on student learning in the areas of digital literacy, engagement, collaboration, productivity, and creativity. Facing shifting pedagogy to learner-centered learning, teachers have also found increased opportunities for collaboration and creativity. Technology anxiety and distraction remain the main challenges for teachers and students. School districts need to promote collaboration in learning circles, one-to-one mentoring, and transformative modeling as the best practice for iPad integration.

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IADIS International Journal on WWW/Internet

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Chou, C.C., Block, L., & Jesness, R. (2014). Strategies and challenges in iPad initiative: Lessons learned from year two. IADIS International Journal on WWW/Internet, 12(2), 85-101.